The Original Granite Dust Premium Lure Coating

Red Lightning

Red Lightning - GDL0002
2 oz. $4.50
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This is The Original Granite Dust Premium Powdered Lure Coating. We know of no finer quality coating available. Rest assured in Granite Dust quality, ease of use, color selection, and durability. Use state of the art Granite Dust today, and you'll see why we say, Better Finishes!  Less Work! Red Lightning is a combination of red transparent color and red glitter.  It applies easily with one coat but it's recommended to apply a base color such as white to give a more intense color.  Experiment with different base colors for different effects.  Please see "How to Use" for instructions on how to apply Granite Dust.

  • Incredibly hard!
  • Rubber worm proof!
  • High gloss finish!
  • No fumes or odors!
  • No drying time!
  • Easy cleanup!
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